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OCHIAI & CO.,LTD. President-Director Teruhiko Ochiai 一業一貫
Ochiai was established in downtown Tokyo at Irie, Taito Ward, in 1947. Amid times that were changing at a breathtaking pace, we have continued to place the emphasis on Japan’s manufacturing prowess up until the present day.
Based around three main departments in charge of transmission machines, bearings and tools, we currently handle approximately 250,000 different items. And, in our position as a super wholesale dealer, we will continue to forge ahead in leaps and bounds and obtain even deeper levels of trust from our customers.
In 2009 we start up an online ordering service known as Kura so that our customers could place their orders at any time 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
It is our intention to accept new concepts and ideas that are in line with the times while cherishing everything we have built up until now to ensure that we continue to keep a firm and steady eye on the direction we are moving without making any hasty decisions. Our unwavering stance from the moment of our establishment through to the present day is based on the concept of “Commitment to Expertise,” upon which we place much importance. We are convinced that concentrating our entire focus on providing support for manufacturing and on stable administration has helped us obtain the trust of a large number of dealers and allowed us to build up enviable business results.
There is no doubt that spirit incorporated into our corporate creed of “Commitment to Expertise” is an extremely important policy that must be passed onto future generations.
Irie in Taito Ward is a downtown area that still exudes the warmth of the residents carried down from the past, and it is most familiar to people in the summer because of its Morning Glory Market. The atmosphere of this downtown area in which people take care of each other and work hard to involve themselves in each other’s lives is in perfect alignment with our own corporate culture.
In the current era in which prices and delivery dates take precedence over everything, we believe that business should be based on interactive feelings, and it is upon this that merchants should place the priority. We also believe that the good old emotions that we feel are so important provide us with our main strength of individuality within the current era.
The name Teruhiko was bestowed on me by the founder of the company. And, utilizing the kanji characters that make up my name, I have always imagined a “bright future.” For our customers, for our suppliers, for our employees, and for their families. In fact, a bright future for everybody I come into contact with. My main ambition is to create a company that is ideal for participating in this future.
I believe that in order to bring about a bright and glittering future capable of filling people with joy, it is important for us to accumulate all of our current resources and do everything within our power to promote Japan’s manufacturing prowess.
Teruhiko Ochiai

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