Our History

May 2018 OHigashi Kanto Sales Office opened
October 2017 70 anniversary ceremony at Teikoku Hotel
September 2016 Osaka Branch opened
September 2014 Teruhiko Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
November 2010 The agency right acquisition of FAIRSKQ Co.,Ltd. (FSQ)
April 2010 Tool section is established.
February 2010 The proxy of Kanemitsu Corporation is acquired.
November 2009 Eijirou Ochiai assumes the position of the Chairman of the Chairperson Representative Director.
Shuji Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
October 2007 Kita-Kanto Branch opened
May 2006 Nagoya Branch opened
October 2005 The Ochiai association is started.
April 2004 The agency right acquisition of Kyocera Corporation
October 2003 The agency right acquisition of Ebara Corporation and Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
July 2002 The tool section of Okano equipment Co.,Ltd. integrates it into OCHIAI & CO.,LTD..
March 2002 Kita Ueno building completion
January 2001 The proxy of NTN Corporation is acquired.
June 2000 The proxy of NANSIN Corporation is acquired.
April 2000 The proxy of Kito Corporation is acquired.
January 2000 Headquarters Bearing building completion.
Accordingly, the name of the building foundation was established in place “Tool Building” was renamed.
January 1998 The proxy of OSG Corporation is acquired.
October 1997 50 anniversary ceremony at Teikoku Hotel.
The proxy of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is acquired.
July 1997 Headquarters Bearing building construction.
1992 Itabashi Stock Center was established.
The specialty part system is abolished, and the sales department system is introduced.
The enhancement of the products are attempted as a general trading company by adding “Fluid and Electric machine commodity” to the current products.
The stock control by making of each interbranch online is executed with the headquarters.
1991 The Keihin branch is separated and Ochiai Keihin Co.,Ltd. is established.
1990 The name of the company is changed from the Ochiai Shouten Ltd. to the current company name.
Eijirou Ochiai assumes the position of the President-Director.
Kawaguchi branch opened.
1987 Kawaguchi Boukou Center is eastablished.
1977 Keihin branch opened.
1974 Conduction machine section and Bearing section are established.
1963 Kameido branch opened.
1962 “Towards the supremacy of the highway” Ryoumou delivery service (own delivery service) and begin to strengthen the delivery service.
1957 Itabashi branch opened.
1947 The company is established in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

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